Seller's Bonus Product

My philosophy for Earth Vendors Seller's Bonus Product is to provide a way to give merchants a way to make extra money on their best product.
The Seller's Bonus Product is a simple concept where each seller gets to select one product where when sold they will receive 100 percent of the proceeds. Sellers can choose a product they only have one of, or they can choose a product where they have multiples. If they select a product they only have one of once that product sales they can then select another product to become there bonus product. Ideally a seller would select a product they have a lot of and that sells well. A seller can also change their bonus product whenever they desire.

It is because of the sellers bonus product that Earth Vendors limits a membership to one per household.  This is to protect us from people signing up, putting one product online, calling it their bonus product, and repeating this process multiple times.

Membership verification may be required when the sign up information has been duplicated.