1. Who can be a seller?
Any person who lives in the United States and has the proper information needed to join up as a member.
2. Can a person have more than one membership?
No, there is only one membership allowed per home address, PayPal account, and email address.
3. Do I have to sign up to be a buyer?
Yes, because of how our cancellations and returns are handled we require a membership to purchase.
4. What is the seller's Bonus Product?
It is the ability Earth Vendors gives its sellers where they can choose any product they have up for sale, and then when that product sells, the seller 
will keep a hundred percent of the money.
5. Can the seller change their Bonus Product?
Yes, at any time.
6. How many Bonus Products can a seller have?
One at a time. However, once that product has sold the seller can then choose another product to become their Bonus Product. So in the end each seller 
always has one product as a Bonus Product.
7. Will the Bonus Product feature ever go away?
Not if Earth Vendors can keep it protected from abuse. That is why we allow only one membership per household and PayPal account.
8. But what if my brother wants to become a member too?
People who share the exact same physical address will also have to share the Earth Vendors membership. This rule is in place to protect the seller's 
Bonus Product feature.
9. Who can write an article?
Any seller who has at least two products up for sale.
10. Can a seller have outside links on their product's selling pages?
No, outside links are only allowed within articles that sellers write. The links within an article must be related to a product that is being sold.
11. Can I use HTML in product listings?
No, for the most part, the description part of a product listings is in plain text.
12. Does it cost anything to list a product?
13. How many products can a seller list at any one time?
There is no limit.
14. What kind of products can be sold?
Each product must have at least 33% of the earth within it. This includes, but is not limited to, gemstones, glass, pottery and concrete.
15. What does a seller pay Earth Vendors when they sell a product?