About Us

The about us page is really an "About Me" page, and I'm Cat Pippin Lowe. Before the Earth Vendors website I owned and operated a website called Energy of Crystals.

In the fall 2017 that domain was hacked by a country that has writing similar to Chinese. Every time I attempted to repair the website the attacker returned within a day or two and took it down again. Finally after talking to Professionals in the security area of web development I decided to give the domain a rest.

It was then in this time of attack the concept for Earth Vendors was born. The basic concept for Earth Vendors was to sell both my products and to allow others to do the same. The idea of only allowing products that have something of earth within them was it natural for me. I have more connections with the Earth anybody else I know. First off I was born in the state of Montana. The Spanish word four mountain is Montana, can't get much more earthy than that.
I was born in the house of Taurus which is an Earth sign. In fact, my entire horoscope peppered with earth signs. I was also born into a family whose father owned the gravel pit. My favorite part of the pit was the swimming hole the quarrying of rocks created. I didn't have much interest in stones back then. My strongest connection to the Earth is probably my birthday which in 1970 a group of people decided turn into Earth Day. With so many Earth connections I just figured I was predestined to create the website Earth Vendors.