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Quartz For The Mind
By cPlo

When cats purr, they purr at a frequency that promotes rejuvenation, healing, and overall good feelings. Purring causes the brain to flood itself with dopamine, which is a feel-good chemical that invigorates mindfulness and serenity.

Quartz crystals also create a similar vibration. One of the oldest usages for quartz is in the stone's ability to beat an exact timing. Traditional watches use the quartz's ticks or vibrations to maintain an accurate time of day.

Quartz crystals can help you focus on any task, from studying to creating the next major invention. Whether you wear, or just have gemstones around the home, they expell energy which helps to sooth your thoughts and calm your soul.

Blue Quartz
Blue quartz helps to maintain mental clarity and eases fear. All day long our minds are cluttered with thoughts. The garbled thoughts of our brain often creates an orchestra without a conductor in our minds. Those who lack mental clarity will find blue quartz to be a powerful ally. Blue quartz can organize the notes within the mind to play harmoniously. The spiritual quality of a blue quartz can be likened to that of the sky; wide, spacious, calming and tranquil.

People often wear rubies, because they emit an aura that revolves around toughness, endurance and bravery. A ruby can provide you with a determination that will strengthen your personal growth. They have the ability to help you endure hardships. Rubies have the ability to change the narrative inside your mind. It is believed that those who struggle with anxiety, or easily give up, can benefit from rubies.

Clear Quartz Crystal
Clear quartz crystals have an untapped source of energy which pulsates a vibration that can be molded into whatever you desire. Like a blank canvas, you can paint anything on it. You are the artist with the quartz brush.

To use put a clear quartz crystal in your palm, and then mentally focus. After a short time period you will feel where the energy wants to take you. Calmly follow where the crystal leads you. Don't fear the outcome, for if it isn't exactly what you want, or need, you can just refind your focus and continue. Through patience you will intuitively find your success.

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