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How To Select Healing Gemstones
By cPlo

Ever since ancient times, gemstones have captured the human imagination and have been used to heal and promote health. Their eye-candy look and powerful energy can improve mental clarity, relieve stress, headaches, and can even help you get a refreshing night's rest. Precious stones which are crystalline in their structure have the purpose of balancing various energies within the body. Below is a shortlist of the main gemstones along with two of their healing properties. 


  • It helps a person to stay grounded,
  • It strengthens emotions and passion,


  • It is useful for healing addictive behavior patterns,
  • It assists in clarifying the mind,


  • It helps in overcoming complexity and adversity,
  • It boosts thought production,


  • It helps in taking action,
  • It is helpful in detoxifying the body,


  • Helps with shyness or social phobias,
  • It has properties which helps to assist in overcoming depression,


  • It is used as a stone which strengthens other minerals,
  • It encourages truth and vision.

To select a healing gemstone, you need to take a look at the stone's individual energy patterns, its color, and the natural resonance, or feelings, you have with the actual gem.

There are numerous ways of selecting the most appropriate gemstones. If you are fortunate enough to have a gemstone shop in your city, you will be able to hold and see if you feel a warming, or positive energy coming from the stone. Whereas if you have few transportation options, or cannot travel due to sickness or impairment, the internet can be a tremendous help in finding quality gemstones.

Whichever way you use to purchase your gemstones it is beneficial to have a good guidebook at home for reference. Such a book can help you learn more about gemstones, and will teach you about the energies within stones that can help you. You may find that you are drawn towards certain stones by just reading about them. Gemstones do not need to be substantial or flawlessly shaped and polished to be effective healers. If you feel more pull toward a raw crystal choose it, likewise if you wish to have smooth, polished stones, picked those. Do not feel that you have to choose one or the other; the best gemstones for you are the ones with which you have the most attraction. On top of that, you may want to have a combination of raw and unpolished stones in your collection.

There is no right or wrong method for selecting gemstones. You may find that you are captivated by a stone that has the healing properties you need. Such a pull may be experienced as a magnetic-like draw toward a particular stone. Do not hesitate to follow these feelings. For your intuition will be a beneficial tool in succeeding with gemstone healing.

After some practice, as you acquire more experience, selecting which gems to use will become perfected. Always have confidence in yourself and your intuition when selecting and working with gemstones. If you find you have chosen the wrong stone, do not feel discouraged. Using the wrong stone will not harm you, and you may find that particular gem will be helpful to you in the future.


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