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How To Cleanse Raw Quartz Crystals
By cPlo

Quartz crystals are iconic for their translucent beauty, whether clear or colored. Whatever cut or polish, they can be used for incredible things. To heal the soul or as a simple yet elegant piece of jewelry, whatever you desire, there is a crystal to suit your needs.

Raw quartz crystals are often coated in tough to remove minerals. Cleaning quartz is an easy process, but care needs to be taken so that the chemicals used do not harm you.

Methods For Cleaning Quartz

For minor clay and dirt stains find an appropriate tool to clean the crystal, like a toothbrush. Wet both the stone and brush, then scrub until clean. Quartz crystals can endure quite a lot of force, so for stains that require a little more elbow grease to clean a soft-cloth scourer can be used.

Tougher, more resistant stains like iron, require a different method. These stains can be removed by soaking the crystals in a covered bucket of hot oxalic acid water for up to a week. When the crystals appear clean rinse them off to remove any residue left by the oxalic acid. If the crystals were not as clean as you like just repeat the process until they suit your level of perfection. Leaving the crystals in the solution for more than a week can cause a discoloration in the stones. So it is better to redo the process than overdo the soak. Oxalic acid can be bought from many pharmacies or online through websites like eBay. A general mixture of oxalic acid to hot water is one cup of oxalic acid to one gallon of water.

For other stains, such as algae, leave the crystals to soak in diluted bleach for several days. Ensure that they have been thoroughly rinsed afterward and allow at least a day to dry, so as to avoid any chemical damage from the bleach.

Performing any quartz cleaning tasks should be done in a secure, well-ventilated area. Fumes from quartz cleansing chemicals can be dangerous to your health. And do not forget to always wear rubber gloves and other protective clothing when cleaning raw quartz. Finally, make sure to dispose of all cleaning waste immediately and appropriately.

Et voilà! Incredible crystals for incredible people. That's all it takes!

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